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White Marble Soldier Statues MGP186
Marble Sculpture Woman And Child MGP185
Expression Art Craft Stone GGQ031(A+B+C+D+E)
Granite Human Sculpture GGP026

River Stone Rose GGQ030
Granite Art Carving GGP183
Seven Dwarfs Stone Carving GGP018
Special Design Sandstone Sculpture MGQ027

Travertine Abstract Art Sculpture MGQ026
Beige Travertine Art Carving MGQ025
Art Carving Stone MGQ024
White Marble Statue Of David MGP182

Marble Statue Woman MGP181B
Woman Art Sculpture MGP181A
Black Terra-cotta Warrior MGP180
Stone Terracotta Warriors MGP179
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TEL: 0086592-3117285 3117284 FAX: 0086592-3117286 2285909

GM: MRS. HUANG, PING(HELEN) MB: +86 13606096800

D/GM: MR. CHEN, JIDONG(ADAM) MB: +86 13606091377

Marble Factories in North China:Nanjing & Zhengzhou & Quyang
Granite Factories in South China:Changtai & Nan'an & Hui'an