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Since the establishment of the company, we have been working hard on forming a learning and united team with high humanity. The company has been strongly encouraging employees of the company studying their jobs deeply and actively exchanging working experience and skills to each other. Meanwhile, the company has been showing great concern to the life handling of all its employees and is sincerely willing to devote its general spiritual and sustantial supports to those employees who are in life difficulties. For years, company emplyees, for paying back to the company, have been taken the enterprise as their own by working hard voluntorily for it. Mutual understanding and support between employer and employees has become vital strength to the speedy development of the company.

As an enterprise of humanity, we have been doing our best to upgrade our services to satisfy the personal demands and requirements. Our managing principle and final goal is to get developed and strengthened, together with our customers. For this purpose, we sincerely promise our valuable customers

.To provide 100% on-time products and documents delivery...
.To have perfect QC system and strict execution thereof to delivery the ordered with no defects in quality, such as colors, dimensions, packings and quantities...
.To re-confirm in time for any changes on the agreed orders...
.To report to and settle with our customers, in advance, for any possible problems in colors, material quality, or designs, or producing and shipping schedules...
.To keep continuous improvement in overall management so as
.To satisfy our customers' high expectation for our products and services at our most.

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H.O.: 6A, Hongsheng Building, 4th Hexiangxi Road, Xiamen City, China
TEL: 0086592-3117285 3117284 FAX: 0086592-3117286 2285909

GM: MRS. HUANG, PING(HELEN) MB: +86 13606096800

D/GM: MR. CHEN, JIDONG(ADAM) MB: +86 13606091377

Marble Factories in North China:Nanjing & Zhengzhou & Quyang
Granite Factories in South China:Changtai & Nan'an & Hui'an